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Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2023 Schedule: PKL 2023 Full schedule, date, time, venue for Pro Kabaddi League season 10

Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2023 Schedule update: Following the auction held earlier this month, the Pro Kabaddi League organizing committee has announced the schedule for the tenth edition of the Pro Kabaddi tournament.

PKL Season 10 will return to its original twelve-city caravan format this year and fans across the country will get the opportunity to cheer for their favorite superstars from the stadium.

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Despite the auction being postponed by almost a month, Pro Kabaddi Season 10 was originally scheduled to begin on December 2, 2023. The first leg will be held in Ahmedabad, pitting Sultan Fazal Atrachali’s Gujarat Giants against high-flyer Pawan Sehrawat’s Telugu Titans.

While the schedule for the league stages has been announced, the schedule for the playoffs has not been released yet. Unlike the previous edition, Pro Kabaddi has done away with the ‘Triple Panga’ days, where three matches were held in a single day. Instead, this edition will feature a few occasions where only a single match is played, as well as rest days between venues.

Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2023 Schedule: PKL 2023 Full schedule, date, time, and venue for Pro Kabaddi League season 10

CityDateDay of the weekTeam ATeam BTeam ATeam B
AHMEDABAD (Arena by Transstadia)02/12/2023SaturdayGujarat GiantsvsTelugu TitansU MumbavsU.P. Yoddhas
03/12/2023SundayTamil ThalaivasvsDabang Delhi K.C.Gujarat GiantsvsBengaluru Bulls
04/12/2023MondayPuneri PaltanvsJaipur Pink PanthersBengaluru BullsvsBengal Warriors
05/12/2023TuesdayGujarat GiantsvsU MumbaSingle Header
06/12/2023WednesdayTelugu TitansvsPatna PiratesU.P. YoddhasvsHaryana Steelers
07/12/2023ThursdayBengal WarriorsvsJaipur Pink PanthersGujarat GiantsvsPatna Pirates
BENGALURU (Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium)08/12/2023FridayBengaluru BullsvsDabang Delhi K.C.Puneri PaltanvsU Mumba
09/12/2023SaturdayBengaluru BullsvsHaryana SteelersU.P. YoddhasvsTelugu Titans
10/12/2023SundayBengal WarriorsvsTamil ThalaivasDabang Delhi K.C.vsHaryana Steelers
11/12/2023MondayJaipur Pink PanthersvsGujarat GiantsBengaluru BullsvsU.P. Yoddhas
12/12/2023TuesdayBengal WarriorsvsPatna PiratesSingle Header
13/12/2023WednesdayTamil ThalaivasvsTelugu TitansBengaluru BullsvsJaipur Pink Panthers
14/12/2023ThursdayRest Day
PUNE (Balewadi Sports Complex)15/12/2023FridayPuneri PaltanvsHaryana SteelersU MumbavsPatna Pirates
16/12/2023SaturdayPuneri PaltanvsBengal WarriorsTelugu TitansvsDabang Delhi K.C.
17/12/2023SundayPatna PiratesvsJaipur Pink PanthersU MumbavsTamil Thalaivas
18/12/2023MondayBengal WarriorsvsU.P. YoddhasPuneri PaltanvsDabang Delhi K.C.
19/12/2023TuesdayHaryana SteelersvsGujarat GiantsSingle Header
20/12/2023WednesdayJaipur Pink PanthersvsU.P. YoddhasPuneri PaltanvsBengaluru Bulls
21/12/2023ThursdayRest Day
CHENNAI (SDAT Multi Purpose Indoor Stadium)22/12/2023FridayTamil ThalaivasvsPatna PiratesHaryana SteelersvsTelugu Titans
23/12/2023SaturdayTamil ThalaivasvsJaipur Pink PanthersGujarat GiantsvsU.P. Yoddhas
24/12/2023SundayU MumbavsBengal WarriorsBengaluru BullsvsTelugu Titans
25/12/2023MondayBengal WarriorsvsDabang Delhi K.C.Tamil ThalaivasvsHaryana Steelers
26/12/2023TuesdayPuneri PaltanvsPatna PiratesSingle Header
27/12/2023WednesdayJaipur Pink PanthersvsDabang Delhi K.C.Tamil ThalaivasvsGujarat Giants
28/12/2023ThursdayRest Day
NOIDA (Noida Indoor Stadium)29/12/2023FridayPatna PiratesvsHaryana SteelersU.P. YoddhasvsBengaluru Bulls
30/12/2023SaturdayTelugu TitansvsU MumbaU.P. YoddhasvsDabang Delhi K.C.
31/12/2023SundayGujarat GiantsvsBengal WarriorsTamil ThalaivasvsBengaluru Bulls
01/01/2024MondayTelugu TitansvsPuneri PaltanU.P. YoddhasvsPatna Pirates
02/01/2024TuesdayGujarat GiantsvsDabang Delhi K.C.Single Header
03/01/2024WednesdayHaryana SteelersvsJaipur Pink PanthersU.P. YoddhasvsPuneri Paltan
04/01/2024ThursdayRest Day
MUMBAI (Dome by NSCI)05/01/2024FridayPatna PiratesvsDabang Delhi K.C.U MumbavsBengaluru Bulls
06/01/2024SaturdayU MumbavsJaipur Pink PanthersTelugu TitansvsGujarat Giants
07/01/2024SundayPuneri PaltanvsTamil ThalaivasBengal WarriorsvsHaryana Steelers
08/01/2024MondayBengaluru BullsvsPatna PiratesU MumbavsDabang Delhi K.C.
09/01/2024TuesdayTelugu TitansvsBengal WarriorsSingle Header
10/01/2024WednesdayU.P. YoddhasvsTamil ThalaivasU MumbavsHaryana Steelers
11/01/2024ThursdayRest Day
JAIPUR (SMS Indoor Stadium)12/01/2024FridayJaipur Pink PanthersvsTelugu TitansPuneri PaltanvsGujarat Giants
13/01/2024SaturdayJaipur Pink PanthersvsPuneri PaltanU.P. YoddhasvsBengal Warriors
14/01/2024SundayHaryana SteelersvsTamil ThalaivasDabang Delhi K.C.vsPatna Pirates
15/01/2024MondayBengal WarriorsvsBengaluru BullsJaipur Pink PanthersvsU Mumba
16/01/2024TuesdayPatna PiratesvsTamil ThalaivasSingle Header
17/01/2024WednesdayDabang Delhi K.C.vsGujarat GiantsJaipur Pink PanthersvsHaryana Steelers
18/01/2024ThursdayRest Day
HYDERABAD (Gachibowli Indoor Stadium)19/01/2024FridayPatna PiratesvsU.P. YoddhasTelugu TitansvsBengaluru Bulls
20/01/2024SaturdayDabang Delhi K.C.vsU MumbaTelugu TitansvsU.P. Yoddhas
21/01/2024SundayGujarat GiantsvsPuneri PaltanBengaluru BullsvsTamil Thalaivas
22/01/2024MondayJaipur Pink PanthersvsBengal WarriorsTelugu TitansvsHaryana Steelers
23/01/2024TuesdayU MumbavsPuneri PaltanSingle Header
24/01/2024WednesdayHaryana SteelersvsDabang Delhi K.C.Telugu TitansvsTamil Thalaivas
25/01/2024ThursdayRest Day
PATNA (Patliputra Indoor Stadium)26/01/2024FridayPatna PiratesvsBengal WarriorsU MumbavsGujarat Giants
27/01/2024SaturdayPatna PiratesvsPuneri PaltanDabang Delhi K.C.vsU.P. Yoddhas
28/01/2024SundayTamil ThalaivasvsU MumbaJaipur Pink PanthersvsBengaluru Bulls
29/01/2024MondayHaryana SteelersvsBengal WarriorsPatna PiratesvsGujarat Giants
30/01/2024TuesdayPuneri PaltanvsTelugu TitansSingle Header
31/01/2024WednesdayJaipur Pink PanthersvsTamil ThalaivasPatna PiratesvsBengaluru Bulls
01/02/2024ThursdayRest Day
DELHI (Thyagaraj Sports Complex)02/02/2024FridayDabang Delhi K.C.vsBengal WarriorsGujarat GiantsvsHaryana Steelers
03/02/2024SaturdayU.P. YoddhasvsU MumbaDabang Delhi K.C.vsTelugu Titans
04/02/2024SundayGujarat GiantsvsTamil ThalaivasBengaluru BullsvsU Mumba
05/02/2024MondayJaipur Pink PanthersvsPatna PiratesDabang Delhi K.C.vsPuneri Paltan
06/02/2024TuesdayTamil ThalaivasvsU.P. YoddhasSingle Header
07/02/2024WednesdayBengaluru BullsvsPuneri PaltanDabang Delhi K.C.vsJaipur Pink Panthers
08/02/2024ThursdayRest Day
KOLKATA (Netaji Indoor Stadium)09/02/2024FridayBengal WarriorsvsGujarat GiantsHaryana SteelersvsU.P. Yoddhas
10/02/2024SaturdayPatna PiratesvsU MumbaBengal WarriorsvsTelugu Titans
11/02/2024SundayTamil ThalaivasvsPuneri PaltanBengaluru BullsvsGujarat Giants
12/02/2024MondayU.P. YoddhasvsJaipur Pink PanthersBengal WarriorsvsU Mumba
13/02/2024TuesdayPatna PiratesvsTelugu TitansSingle Header
14/02/2024WednesdayDabang Delhi K.C.vsTamil ThalaivasBengal WarriorsvsPuneri Paltan
15/02/2024ThursdayRest Day
PANCHKULA (Tau Devi Lal Indoor Stadium)16/02/2024FridayHaryana SteelersvsPatna PiratesTelugu TitansvsJaipur Pink Panthers
17/02/2024SaturdayHaryana SteelersvsU MumbaU.P. YoddhasvsGujarat Giants
18/02/2024SundayTamil ThalaivasvsBengal WarriorsDabang Delhi K.C.vsBengaluru Bulls
19/02/2024MondayGujarat GiantsvsJaipur Pink PanthersHaryana SteelersvsPuneri Paltan
20/02/2024TuesdayU MumbavsTelugu TitansSingle Header
21/02/2024WednesdayPuneri PaltanvsU.P. YoddhasHaryana SteelersvsBengaluru Bulls
22/02/2024ThursdayRest Day


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